Cosmetology is the professional practice or skill of beautifying the skin and hair. Aesthetic cosmetology is a combination of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine aimed at combating various types of health problems and skin is not only a way to stop time for our skin, but also a chance to feel better regardless of age.

It is a rapidly growing field that focuses on enhancing a person’s appearance through non surgical cosmetic treatments.

It is used in treatment of

  • Skin brightening and rejuvenation therapy.
  • Removing wrinkles and dark circles.
  • Effective management of melasma
  • Pigmentation over the face
  • Removing skin tag and warts
  • Effective treatment of dand druff and hair fall
  • All kinds of skin problems including pimples and facial hair growth



  • Herbal face packs prepared with the authentic ayurvedic drugs that improves your complexion and brightness.
  • Ayurvedic njawara facial and steam with herbal kizhi
  • Galvanic facial
  • Hydra facial
  • High frequency treatment


  • Hot oil massage for dand druff treatment.
  • Henna pack with neela amari for promoting growth and luster of hair
  • Effective management for immature greying of hair and hair fall including internal medications and nutritional support.
  • Kuttana procedure for alopecia.