Post Trauma Care

Most people suffer from post trauma stress disorder after a life altering trauma. It is especially challenging to bring these patients back to activity. At Hitech Medicity, we have a team of well efficient doctors and well equipped hospital with state of the art faciities who are always up for this chalenge. We provide trauma care, physiotherapy, oocupational therapy, yoga ,rehabilitation after sport injury, speech development facilities. We are confident that we will be able to revive our patients from their convalescence period and bring them back to life. Rehabilitation services at Hitech Medicity aims to increase the independence and physical function of people after injury and return to normal life. One of the important areas of rehabilitation is post trauma care which includes both mental and physical management to attain a healhy living. Generally traumatic injuries range from a small lesion to other many life threatening events. A systematic approach is provided in post trauma care depending on the condition and the system affected. Hitech Medicity provide rehabilitation for post trauma care with advanced techniques and therapies thereby improving the functional abilities of patients for a better life. The modalities change for different conditions ranging from minute injury to different disabilities that affects the life of people. The post trauma rehabilitation can provide the people with skill to aid their return to work and normal life.