Prevention and management of lifestyle diseases

Lifestyle Disorders

Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension , Ischemic Heart Disease, Stress, Strain , Mobile addiction, Diseases due to poor ergonomics includes the lifestyle disorders.

Diet and Lifestyle are considered as major factors influencing our susceptibility to diseases. Our current lifestyle havbits have led to an alrming scenario where young adults are being diagnosed with life altering diseases. At Hitech Medicity , we take give more attention to prevention and lifestyle modifications rather than medications alone. Here , we insist on establishing a outine for the patient, thus ensuring adequate diet, exercise, yoga and sleep. This helps to rejuvenate the patient and energize him. We achieve our goals through;

Integrating interdisciplinary fields of Medicine-

Ayurveda, Allopathy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy , Naturopathic management including Diet and Yoga Therapy, Behavioural management along with Rehabilitation facilities and Nursing care.

Psychological approach

What makes Hitech Medicity stand apart is the fact that we do not follow a fixed routine treatment plan for our patients. We have well qualified faculty who will assess each patient and attempt to understand not just their symptoms, but also their psychological factors leading to their ailing state. Thus, each and every patient Is given a customized treatment plan taking into consideration their behavioral factors as well. Hence we adopt a holistic approach in formulating a treatment plan for each patent. Especially in mobile addiction cases, insomnia/ sleep disturbances will occurs as a side-effect. It can be corrected well through the psychological approach

Minimal / Null use of Medications

Another unique feature of Hitech Medicity is that we believe in natural healig by modifying lifestyles, yoga, pranayama etc. We advocate healing with minimal / null use of medications. We believe that this interaction wuth nature will invigorate our patients and reform into healthy , unique individuals.