Hijama is an ancient, holistic method for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Hijama cups can be placed on back, stomach, arms, legs ,head and face or other parts of body according to needs and diseases .Small cuts are made to let the blood out and a vacuum or suction force is created inside the cup which pulls skin and collect blood in the hijama cups.
It is useful in Reducing pain and inflammation, Decreasing muscle tightness,Improving blood flow and Increasing range of motion. Hijama ease symptoms of arthritis,backpain,neck pain,knee pain,shoulder pain,asthma,carpal tunnel syndrome,gastrointestinal disorders like IBD,headache,migraine, high blood pressure ,acne,anxiety,depression and preventing cardiovascular diseases.
Hijama works by encouraging whole-body comfort and relaxation,Increasing your pain threshold,Reducing inflammation,enhancing blood circulation,Increasing red blood cells and stimulating your peripheral nervous system. There is no side effect if hijama is done by a professional in a sterilised environment ,except the bruice which fades away on its own in few days.
Narrated Ibn Abbas (Ra):The Prophet (SAWS) said "Healing is in three things: A gulp of honey, hijama, and branding with fire.But I forbid my followers to use branding with fire."